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  • Beautiful and Elegant
  • 50 Years Design Life
  • Engineered Concrete Design. No Cracks, No Fallouts...
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Engineered Concrete Design Guaranteed
to Exceptionally Beautify your Property for
50 Years Plus. No Cracks, No Fallouts...

If you are like most property owners, you want to make your landscape beautiful and distinguished. You also understand that your property is a life time investment and deserves the best.

Precast Stone Fence combines the appeal and warmth of handcrafted stone with the durability of reinforced concrete; to make your home look prestigious and beautiful.

Here are a Few Reasons You Should Use Precast Stone Fence For Your Next Project.

  • Value Addition to Property

  • Precast Stone Fence comes with an lntegral texture of very realistic handcrafted stone, indistnguishable from natural stone to the untrained eye and research has shown that the installation of this type of stone veneer makes houses more attractive to prospective purchasers.

    To the extent that they would be prepared to pay more- much than the marginal additional cost of installing stone veneer. This is why Precast Stone Fence is an excellent way to add real value - prestige, charcter and style -to your property.
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  • Affordable

  • Your Precast Stone Fence is made with a highly efficient production process allowing your fence to be affordable even with Transport and Installation costs. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of using it for your project.
  • Beautiful and Elegant

  • Your Precast Stone Fence comes with the texture of laboriously handcrafted stone as an integral part of the
    panel ( they are manufactured as one piece not attached
    and would not fall off).

    This prestigious and beautiful look of stone is why it is the most beautiful precast fence in Nigeria today and a joy to behold.
  • Low Maintenance Fence

  • Why is your precast Stone Fence a low maintenance fence? You do little work to keep it looking great. That is, you don't have to paint it often as the colour fades or starts to flake or peel off, you don't have to worry about the fence cracking, fallng over or just looking plain ugly.

    You install and just forgt about it, apart from giving it the occasional cleaning. Unlike block fenceit doesn't require or use a continuous footing which is susceptible to settling or expensive soil conditions over time which results in fence cracking and falling over.

    The colour we use for your integral coloured Precast Stone Fence are from natural iron oxide which are UV stable and therefore will not fade. Concrete design, compaction, curing and steel reinforcement gives your prestigious Precast Stone Fence a design life of more than 50 years.

You can be the first to give your property this stunning new look in your neighbourhood. Take advantage of our Free Delivery Offer While the Introductory Campaign Last! Plus order today and receive our Step-by-Step Installation Guide and save on installation cost.
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